Cutting-Edge Technology – SAP and the WTA Championships on Channel NewsAsia

 Big data analysis is changing the game in the world of sports. That is why SAP is partnering with the Women’s Tennis Association WTA to transform tennis. SAP’s technology powered by HANA offers players and coaches the tools to analyze performance and optimize strategy in real-time. Players are not only able to improve their game but also to better connect with the fans as well. A mobile app makes all the information visible in real-time to even enhance the fun and entertainment experience.

Channel NewsAsia anchor Patrick Fok meets with tennis star Monica Puig as well as with SAP Global Technology Lead Jenni Lewis on the tennis court to explore the means of analytics behind tennis. Jenni Lewis points out: “We can certainly help the players to prepare better. Those key statistics, which the coaches and players will get, the fan is also able to look at in the mobile app as the match is happening.”

Already one week earlier, Channel NewsAsia broadcasted a story about the increasing role of technology in major sporting events. It shows how SAP’s technology is being used at the WTA Championships but also by different sports such as F1 and how the technology is helping sports teams to analyze data and make critical decisions. Paul Marriott, Senior Vice President of Platform Solutions SAP APJ, says that “We have now made player performance data available for all the players and all the coaches so it can be used by the entire team that is touring within the WTA.”