NBS strengthens its SAP APO candidate portfolio

Already in 2013, NBS was tasked to find several (8yrs+) experienced SAP APO consultants with specific APO sub module and good optimizer knowledge.  As a result, we’ve built up an excellent portfolio of candidates across all sub-modules of APO.

(See below for a short case study)

If you’re seeking similarly skilled consultants (Supply chain cockpit, DP, gATP, TP/VS, SPP, SNP, PP/DS), please get in touch and speak to someone at our office who themselves each have 15yrs+ SAP consulting experience.  Similarly, if you’re a strong EU based APO consultant please send us your CV.


Large global client had struggled for 2 months (end 2012) to find strong APO consultants that matched their detailed requirement that focussed on more than just technical buzzwords.  There was no shortage of CVs being sent from their ‘preferred suppliers’ but none of them hit the mark as APO is such a wide area.  Client contacted NBS through recommendation.  Liked the fact that they could speak to a SAP consultant about the details in their requirement, someone who understood the SAP skill sets, SAP projects, and SAP terminology.   We sifted through 40+ candidates that were available in the next 6 weeks to arrive at a shortlist of 11.  These were then pre-interviewed by our own SAP consultants and finally, 2 CVs were presented to our client on the 3rd day after taking the requirement.  NBS’ effort to get to this stage was approx 20 man hours.  Apart from the first detailed discussion, client PM spent no more time until they conducted their own final interviews.  Both CVs hit the mark!

How much EXTRA did we charge for this extra, personalised service? …“Nothing!”.   If you can provide long term, stable contracts, we will not charge any more than the normal industry standard margin of up to  20%.  We’re happy to negotiate this if you come to us first the next time!  Maybe even pencil us onto your hallowed Preferred Supplier List !!