"19th year of operation. Consulting, Staffing, Recruitment. Operations in India. Top Clients include KPMG, PWC, EnY, CMC Ltd., Aditya Birla Management Corporation, TCS, Highbar Technologies, IDFC, Thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions, Onshore Constructions, Mahindra & Mahindra, Zieta Technologies, Savex Computers, D’Decor, Cipla Ltd., Raymonds"

Efficiencies in the recruitment process

Identifying  the ideal candidates. There is no-one better qualified than NBS when it comes to reviewing candidate CVs. We’ve done it thousands of times as SAP consultants, which gives us an inside track that helps us assess candidates with a new degree of accuracy.

Unique pre-interviews filter the best. We evaluate suitability through our experience working as SAP consultants built up over many years working in SAP.  Our searches start with recommendations and referrals, not by relying on a database.  Because we’ve gained a deep understanding of your requirement we also have an accurate picture of your genuine need. From the most appropriate CVs, we then select candidates for pre-interview.

Saving you time through focused interviews. We provide NBS summaries on our recommended candidates. These are not just excerpts from their CV. They are a complete and honest appraisal of each candidate’s suitability. This ensures you are better prepared for the interview.

Exclusive candidates. We make sure no one else has provided you with a candidate’s details already. If they have we will wish them luck and walk away. If they have not, we get their exclusive permission before we submit their CV to you.

Looking for the ideal SAP candidate?
Call us on +34 93 1815 322 (Spain), +44 203 3188 536 (UK), +91 22 4050 4600 (India) or email Europe or email India.

A proven process

Requirement requisition

We qualify your requirement in terms of your company and the project, role, deliverables, budget and timescale.

Candidate search

We look at our personal network, previous candidates, CATS and referrals. We also consider external resources including job portals, professional networking and community sites.

Candidate profiling

We look at the requirement v the candidate’s skills – and look for accurate matches.

Candidate screening

We screen candidates for industry exposure, previous projects, USP from pre-interview, rates, start date and availability.

Candidate shortlist

We shortlist 3 candidates, tailor their CV for the requirement, produce a 30 word summary and procure references.

Submit candidate

We get permission to send the candidate’s CV, agree exclusivity and finally disclose the candidate’s name.

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