Why is SAP generally selected over Oracle in ERP?



What is astonishing of SAP ERP is the business scope it covers. There’s nothing on a par with SAP on the market.

Having been around for longer, and having been adopted by the largest business community, and having SAP always been smart to incorporate as much as possible of his customer personalization as standard processes in the following release.
If your company needs an ERP solution spanning from pre-sales to financial control, from production to quality assurance, from supply chain management to retail chain management (and I could go on), with complex interoperability between business units there’s no other software vendor which can sell you an integrated solution covering everything.

Yes, SAP is more complex and more pricey to implement than other available enterprise solutions, but that only mean you should carefully analyze your needs and weight SAP ERP coverage vs it’s cost to choose if it’s what you need, if the ROI is what you are looking for, or if you just need something smaller and cheaper.

Comparing Oracle ERP to SAP ERP is like comparing a small truck to a train. They are in a different league, yet depending on your needs one is a better fit than the other.